Monday, September 1, 2008


So, August also came and went and without one post BUT again, it was a VERY busy month!! We had Ed's mom and dad with us for 3 weeks and a slew of events to attend. The most significant one was Christine and Will's wedding on August 16th. It was beautiful and fun!! Evan was the coin bearer and apart from a few stumbles down the aisle, he did a great job!! It was on a private estate in Portola Valley and the day was just perfect! Chris and Will looked so happy!! It was a beautiful wedding! Here's a pic of our boy all dressed up in a barong.


Here is one of the happy couple. Chris looked gorgeous!!! Oh and Will looked good too, but as we know, its ALL about the bride! ;)


Before I close out our August post, here are a couple of pictures of Evan and me on August 30th. Now let me get to September!!

This is a funny pic of Evan trying to squeeze his BIG head through the stair rail. Obviously, lots of effort but no go! =)

I snagged a shot with Evan and the little ham all by himself. He's my cutie patootie! =)


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