Monday, September 8, 2008

A midweek city dinner

On September 8th, Evan and I decided to meet Ed in the city since he was working a little late and Ed wanted to see Evan for a bit before he went to bed. Evan and I hopped on BART (Evan's 1st BART ride) and met Ed at the Embarcadero station. We walked around Justin Herman plaza and let Evan run around the Embarcadero Centre before deciding to eat at Tony Roma at Embarcadero One. It was pushing 8:30pm and I had already fed Evan his dinner on BART so I knew he was ok but getting a little tired. We were able to sit in the back of the restaurant which gave us the privacy for Evan to be loud w/o disturbing anyone. The challenge was keeping him entertained while waiting for dinner. We drew pictures, played with all of our utensils and had some fun with a couple of rubber bands which is dipicted in the pics below! =)
Fun times!! We made our way back home on BART and Evan fell asleep. =)


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