Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Home Stretch!!!

Life has been busy, busy, busy for us but we're not complaining one bit! =) July 1st was Evan's first day at his Montessori school and it was rather difficult to say the least...both for him and me! I couldn't stop crying on my way to work after dropping him off and both Ed and I called to check in on him throughout the day. The calling hasn't quite stopped yet, but we're trying to keep it at a 2 calls a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Evan is still adjusting so we're waiting for the day when he actually gets excited to go and no longer says, "Me? I don't want to go to school today, Mommy. I want to stay with you." Heartbreaking. It truly is. And it doesn't help that my hormones are all over the place so, I'm already an emotional nutcase! *sigh* But, let me get off of this negative rock and highlight all the great changes we've seen in him!! He is DEFINITELY talking A LOT more...and by a lot, I seriously mean NON STOP talking. Its wonderful because before he started school he was already a talker but now he's engaging and participating in our conversations rather than mimicking what we say. Its CRAZY!! He also can count to ten in Spanish and label his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hands and feet in Spanish. Its seriously too cute! And he's even more social at the parks, at parties and when we're out and about doing errands. He's always been a social butterfly (hmmm, a lot like his daddy) but he's gained quite a bit of confidence and more of a personality when he's around other kids and adults. He surprises us with new words, phrases and abilities everyday!! =) Just this morning, we were having breakfast and he took a bite of his waffle and said, "mmm, mmm, Mommy! This waffle is scrumptious!!" I about fell out of my seat laughing! But I simply said, "Thank you, Evan. I'm happy you like your breakfast!" Too cute! Seriously!!

On 4th of July weekend I ventured to Orange County sans Evan & Ed to hang with Mel and celebrate her bridal shower! Its so hard to believe that her wedding is just 2 months away!! Time really does fly!! Ed and I decided that I leave Evan behind because he already had a pretty hard week starting school and thought it best to let him hang out with dad and just simply have some fun. Its a neighborhood tradition that our block is closed down and everyone gets together for some good food and fun fireworks right in front of our houses. I was sad to have missed out on our 1st July 4th with them, but there's always next year!! =) It was nice to have some time to myself and do sister/girlee stuff with Mel. We of course hit shopping as soon as I landed but we've become SO efficient over the years that we hit 2 stores, got all our items bought and still made it down to Vista in record time. Yeah, we're pros at this by now!! =) The shower had an awesome turn out and I have to post pics another time because for whatever reason, my computer won't read my sd card. BOOO!!! Her gifts were awesome and I hope she and Ernie will use ALL of them at some point!! =) =)

On July 6th, I had my OB appt and decided that I will be going forward with a scheduled C-section to bring baby Jacob into the world. We talked about the difficulties we faced when I was in labor with Evan and since the likelihood was high that I would come across the same problem, we opted to save both baby and myself the unnecessary pain and I'm scheduled for an August 20th surgery date. I had initially wanted to do a VBAC but its looking like Jacob will be a bit bigger than Evan and a VBAC may not have been an option anyway. *sigh* Oh well! I just want to make sure Jacob is healthy!!! =) Currently, I'm 34 weeks and its getting harder to keep my energy up, especially with the heat that we're having. *sigh* Just trying to elevate, hydrate and relax. =) I seriously can't believe that we're going to have another little boy in our house in just a few short weeks. BUT, can't get ahead of myself. There's still TONS to do in preparation as well as some parties to attend!! woo-hoo!! Really quick, here's the ultrasound pic of Jacob (i'm SO bad for not doing a separate post for this...maybe I'll add one later)!

On the weekend of July 11th, we celebrated with DJ & Mariela Madarang in the baptism of their first child, Brody! He is SOOOOOO cute!!! And not to be bitter or anything but Mariela is lookin' she never even had a kid. Life just isn't fair sometimes! lol!! Again, the pics are stuck on my sd card and hopefully, I can get them uploaded sometime this week! On the 12th, we celebrated the baby shower for Jane Briones who will be welcoming baby #4 on July 31st. She was looking radiant and too cute in her maxi dress!! Evan couldn't get enough of her daughter, Jailee who he played with the majority of the time. It was a hot afternoon in Suisun but lots of fun!!!
This weekend we're going to be camping at Lake Berryessa with Scott, Letitia, Christine, Jay, Todd, Vern and Mel and Ernie are coming down to join in on the fun. Its Evan's 1st camping trip so we will be taking LOTS of pics and they'll be posted at some point next week.
As for the rest of July, we have relatives flying in from Australia this weekend, Philippines and Canada next week to gear up for Elroy & Alia's wedding on July 25th in San Francisco. I'm super excited to participate as a bridesmaid for them and Evan will be the coin bearer. I cannot express just how happy I am for the two of them!!!! Elroy has always been like the baby brother for me (he's my 1st cousin on mom's side) since he literally was born and raised along side me and Ryan seriously all our lives!! I can't believe he's gettin' married and will *hopefully* start a family soon so we can add to the kiddies in our family!! =) He lived with me while he was in college and I was venturing out on my first job. It doesn't feel like we're grown really, I still feel like we're kids just doing our thing but we're not. lol!! I can't wait to get all gussied up and party harty!! lol!! =)
And that about wraps up our plans for July. We're DEFINITELY taking August easy with just TWO functions and nothing more. Ed has to paint and put together some furniture for Jacob's room and I know my nesting instincts or OCD will kick in and I'm going to have to wash EVERYTHING, clean EVERYTHING and wipe down just about EVERYTHING! lol!! The good thing is that we have most of our things either boxed away or stored somewhere so there's not a lot of have to go through. I'm just hoping the heat doesn't get any worse cuz it makes being in the house (upstairs more than anywhere else) really unbearable. *sigh* I'll provide July update posts with pics of the above events as time and energy allows. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their summer!!!!

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