Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another year older

On Ed's actual birthday (September 2nd), the three of us headed to Half Moon Bay to spend the day and explore the Fitzgerald tidepools. It was a fun filled day for everyone! But as you will see in the pictures, it was mostly Evan's day at the beach! =) I will say that all 3 of us got an awesome tan from our beach day! Yay for summer days!! =)

You can't tell from these pictures but Ed and I pointed out a sea lion that was swimming close to the shore and Evan finally spotted it. He was also VERY excited to see the water.

Ed brought Evan for a closer look at the ocean. He wanted to jump in so badly but it was seriously freezing!! He brought some sea kelp to show me.

A large group of kids parked next to us on the beach and Evan couldn't wait to join them for some fun! He made himself quite at home with all of their toys, but the kids didn't mind him at all!

Evan found himself a red pail to play with and he decided that filling it with sand was of HIGH importance!! He did glance over at us to make sure we were 1) still there and 2) going to acknowledge his efforts. =)

Finally, at about 6pm, the ocean retreated to reveal the tidepools which we waited the WHOLE day to explore! Evan's energy level stayed up and was excited to touch and see everything!!

Evan's biggest discovery was a sea anemone which he touched and felt it close up. His reaction? "WOW!!!!"
Just a couple shot of Ed and me with Evan at different places in the tidepool!!

We had a long and fun filled day at the beach! Here's a last look at the beautiful tidepool and a pic of me hoisting na exhausted Evan back to the car. It was a great way to ring in another year for Ed!! =)


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