Monday, September 22, 2008

A packed week

On Wednesday, our good friend, Charles Bradshaw was coming to the bay for work and naturally asked what we were up to. We invited him for dinner and that usually leads to enjoying beverages of the alcoholic kind so we also extended our home to him for the night. It was a great midweek treat to have him over and hear all about his new career venture, love interest and the latest with his sister and nephew (who is now FOUR). Evan was totally loving his Uncle Charlie and showed him his soccer skills, batting skills and basically cornered him for playtime for about half an hour. We had a wonderful dinner filled with great food and conversation. As the night drew on, Evan and I turned in and left Ed and Charles to do what they do best...drink and talk the night away. Yes, it was a Wednesday night but like that ever stops them (4 bottles of wine and at least 8 beers between the TWO of them)! ;) Here's a pic of the boys...

Incidently, we were making the drive down to San Diego after work Thursday. Yeah, Ed was definitely still hurting! I took the last leg of the drive and we arrived in Vista at about 3:00am. We were there to celebrate Lola Doring's 1 year death anniversary and to celebrate Melanie's birthday.


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