Saturday, September 13, 2008

Warm summer nights

On September 11th, Ed was able to get off of work early so the three us headed to Walnut Creek to grab a bite to eat at Chili's and then took a stroll around and eventually parked ourselves at the fountain area in the Broadway Plaza shopping center. Evan was of course, fascinated with the water and kept pointing at it saying, "Wa wa!! Oooooh!" Here are some pics of him hanging around the fountain.

On September 12th, Evan and I woke up unusually early and decided to take our time getting ready for work and lola's house. Evan has been a lot more vocal and when I'm unable to understand what he wants, I simply ask him, "Please show mommy what you want." He takes my finger and takes me to what he wants. Its awesome. This particular morning, he kept saying, "rock, rock." So I replied, "All the rocks are outside and its too dark to find the rocks." He immediately said, "no no no. rock, rock." and started to get a bit agitated so I asked him to show me what he wants. Well, he brought me to this...and he "rocked." =)

On Saturday, September 13th, we celebrated the upcoming arrival of Baby Akramy at Anita (Mariam's bff) and Pat's place in San Jose. My camera was acting up so I only have one picture of the happy couple. I will post more as I get them. We were able to *FINALLY* catch up with and see our old friend, Steve Wright!! He was lookin' good and it was nice to see him!! He is also part of the ProBusiness group and this year marks our 10 years of friendship. We have DEFINITELY done and seen quite a bit of things in our time together!! =) And I'm sure with all the weddings and babies in our future, we'll have another crazy 20 years ahead! OY!!

Here' the glowing Mariam with her loving hubby, Tim.


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