Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On the road again

Last week was extremely a stressful as I was in the throws of our fiscal year end and without going into painful detail, it basically means I was up to the yin yang with numbers and reconciling. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!! I will be totally brain dead when all of this is over. Thank God I only have to have a 1 1/2 year old level of thinking when I get home! =) Anyway, the light at the end of that week was our turn around trip to San Diego for Laurie and Andrew's wedding. We left our place Friday at 6pm and arrived at 12:30am in Vista...definitely tons better than 3am!! Since the week was super crazy, I didn't have time to shop and so, Melanie, Evan and I went to TWO BBB's to find a gift...and yes, there was still something pretty good left on the list! Yay! We decided on this beautiful set of professional mixing bowls:

In the San Marcos plaza where one of the BBBs were, there just happened to be a Nordstrom Rack and so...we HAD TO go in...AND look for dresses because Mel just wasn't happy with what she had at home. I scored a cute one too...hee hee! =) Here's a pic of us in our snazzy outfits! =)

We made it to the church just as the ceremony was beginning and although it was SUPER hot, it was a very beautiful ceremony. We hung out a bit at the church and mingled then proceeded to the reception site where we hung out and mingled some more. Here are some pics of us at the church. (All of the pics are courtesy of Mel cuz I haven't uploaded my pics and I think I didn't take as much as she did. So, THANKS MEL!).

Here are some pics we took at the church while waiting to leave for the reception site.

As we made our way to the reception, Mel and I were lucky to run into Lori (the bride) and snag a pic with her before she was whisked away! =) She looked SO beautiful!!!

Mel & Ernie took pics w/the Castillo brothers, Ryan & Ronnie.
Ed is also posing w/Ronnie. We were about to catch up w/the two of them before the reception started and then it was food, dancing, drinking and yes, MORE fun!!! =)
I'll try to update this post w/some of the photobooth pics we took as soon as I get around to scaning them. For now, lemme get ready for October!! =)


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