Monday, August 27, 2007

Sleepless in GV

Its another Monday and Mondays aren't my best days! So, lemme recap the weekend. Saturday was a fun filled day. Evan and I started our day early and Michelle picked us up to spend the rest of the day in San Jose. We did a bit of shopping at Valley Fair where we did some damage! Evan scored some cool converse -- his first pair. Chelle got him two cute hats (pics to come) and a l/s onesie. I got myself a cute sweater dress, a little somethin' to gear up for fall. We left to celebrate Gina's 30th bday and her family's migration back to the Vee. There were babies galore which was awesome for Evan! Sadly, I didn't have my normal "i gotta get a pic" hat on so I didn't get ONE pic of Evan with the twins or any pics of the other babies. BOO on me! The party had a great mix of people and homies I hadn't seen in sometime were there so it was nice to catch up. I'm sure Evan will have lots more playdates with Alex & Izzy now that they'll be closer to us! Yay! We partied hard and headed home at 1am -- totally wiped out! You would think that Evan and I would have just rested on Sunday but no, we had to keep socializing and made a trip up to Sac to visit with the Bartz fam. Evan and Tristen were SO cute together! I actually have a couple of pics from that playdate! We didn't do too much other than hang out and made a not-so-quick trip to the Toyota dealership where they scored a new Sienna! By the time we got home, Ed was already back from San Diego and Evan couldn't be more happy to see his dada! The three of us had dinner together and went to bed early. Although we didn't sleep for more than 2 hour intervals because Evan's first tooth was breaking through! Poor guy was in a lot of pain but we were there to help him through the night. Oh and before I forget, its Evan's half year birthday!! Yay!! He's now 28 inches long and weighs 18 1/2 pounds!! That's my big boy!!! =)

Evan @ 6 months old

My smiley little man

Kisses from Tristen

Evan: Why mommy? Why did you just let that happen?

Tristen: I'm waiting!!!

That's all for now! =)


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