Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Hump Day!

Thank goodness we're already to the midweek point! I wish I could say the weekend ahead will be filled with some R&R but its not. Instead, we're gonna have more family fun!! Yay! =) The three of us are flying to Salt Lake City for Jay & Stacey's wedding. Ed is Jay's co-bestman! I learned from our Hawaii trip to pack early for Evan because running around at the last minute is NO fun! So, before I go to bed tonight, I'll have everything Evan and I will need for the weekend labeled and packed! Woo-hoo! I'm on it! =) It'll be our first time visiting SLC so I'm looking forward to seeing the sights and maybe squeezing in some shopping since its Labor Day weekend and HELLO, there'll be SALES galore!!!

We'll also be celebrating Ed's 31st birthday there on the 2nd! I'm still at a loss for what to get this guy since seriously, he's SO hard to shop for! What do you get a minimalist? Well, I've got a couple of days left to pull something together!
I have to say that I'm a little sad that my slurp and burp won't be arriving before we leave for this weekend's trip. Since I still breastfeed Evan, the hooter hider that I use to cover us up while feeding in public doesn't work so well anymore. Evan, being the socializer he is, LOVES to see and hear everyone and everything around him -- even while he eats. So, everytime I drape something over him, he freaks out, causing unnecessary nip slips and who wants that?! I sure don't. So, I found this handy dandy breastfeeding coverup that gives me coverage without having to actually drape anything over Evan...enter the slurp and burp! But for whatever reason, it won't get here till Saturday which sucks cuz we're on a flight Friday night. Oh well! Guess I'll have to improvise this weekend! For the curious folks, check out the product website here. I'll give a product review once I receive it and actually get to use it! =)

Moving on to Evan news...he's on day 2 of peas. He's not a big fan. I fool him by making him smile before putting a spoonful in his mouth. I've GOT to take a picture of his facial expression -- its PRICELESS! But he eats it because mama is smiling and saying, "mmmmm." Then after he takes his last spoonful...he smiles, shows me nothing is in his mouth and after one giggle he opens his mouth and a flood of green goo pours onto his lap. Yeah, I'm thinking he's not liking the peas. But, I'm persistent and we're gonna have another go at it today. Up next...carrots.

Whenever Evan and I are home by ourselves, I like to incorporate different games to play with him. One activity involves dressing Evan up in several outfits and taking a ridiculous amount of pictures. Its a fun game -- moreso for me, but whatever! Recently, I found a mickey mouse outfit that is just TOO cute and of course, had to have Evan roll around in it! So here's some pics...

Sometimes Ed and I leave Evan to explore and just watch him discover things. In the next pics, Evan was sitting with me on the couch and he was playing with my purse. Well, mostly the tassle that hangs from my purse. Ed joined in and I got a couple of shots of my two boys.

Here's Evan playing/inspecting my purse:

Uh-oh! Mom caught me! I wonder if she noticed me drool on her bag!

Here are a couple of shots of Evan and Ed:

Tonight we're having dinner with my family at Auntie Myrn's house. She's going to have back surgery tomorrow so we want to hang out with her and wish her well! And since it will be awhile before she gets to hold Evan again, tonight will give her a chance to play with him too! Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday! It actually feels like summer outside today so I'm going to grab Cheryl and take a quick walk around the island! Later!!


Edward said...

I love it! Thanks for keeping us organized. Peace

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