Sunday, November 30, 2008

*Blink* There went November

I honestly can't really remember much of November other than Thanksgiving. Ed's family came up to celebrate with us. Thanksgiving afternoon was spent in American Canyon with my side of the fam and then we hightailed back home to get things in order for the Vista crew to roll in. They arrived at around 9pm and we had another chow down. YUM! =) I have pics somewhere but can't locate them at the moment so, I'm just going to give a few things I'm thankful for to wrap up this post.
1) My health
2) My husband and beautiful, healthy son, Evan
3) A cozy and wonderful home
4) My job...even though I hate it (sometimes)
5) My family...even though I want to strangle some of them more times than not. Eh, its family
6) My husband's family...its a blessing to have crazy, loving and fun people to add to the already crazy bunch of fam I already have. Ed lucked out cuz its part of the reason why I married him! lol!
7) Supportive, funny and super fabulous friends...they keep the weekends exciting and my days off occupied
8) The invention of video...I can view heartwarming and hilarious vids of Evan anytime, anywhere. LOVE IT!!
9) Chocolate. Its always good. It never disappoints or complains. And I can have it anytime without having to have a reason. Thank God I'm not allergic to it!!
10) Talented writers...The only pastime I choose to have when I have a moment alone is to read. Its a great escape to be somewhere else, someone else and live through a different life for just a little bit. And the characters in my head ALWAYS look hotter than any actor out there! =)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breezing through October

So, I'm going to do a condensed post for the last quarter of 2008, starting with October. The first set of pics are of Mike & Dell Abadie who came up for a quick visit to San Francisco. We hung out in the city for an afternoon and spent some good time w/a great couple!!

The Blue Angels were performing in San Francisco during fleet week and we wanted to let Evan see them live and up close since he LOVES planes!! The set of pics below are from the day, but unfortch, we don't have ANY pics of the actual planes. Sad, I know!!

Evan has been expanding his collection of books and has taken a liking to the classic, "Where the Wild Things Are." Here's a couple of pics of him reading me the story (his version) all by himself. Its pretty cool how he can memorize a whole book!!
In October 2009, this classic comes to the big screen. We can't wait to bring Evan to see it!!! I hope it'll come out in IMAX!! =)


October 15th, we celebrated our 3rd year wedding anniversary. It was low key and included a day at the park, a quiet dinner and of course, some pics. =)

October wouldn't be complete without an annual trip to the pumpkin patch to pick up some pumpkins for us to carve. Evan and I went on my day off and had the patch pretty much all to ourselves!! SCORE!! =)
Being our first Halloween in Dublin, we went around the neighborhood and said "hello" and "trick or treat" to everyone we knew. Evan totally came away with some good candy!!! YUM!! He was a St. Bernard and I was a baby. =)

One of our neighbors had a scary cemetery set up in front of his house. Needless to say, Evan was TOTALLY freaked out! He didn't want any candy from the house. We found a pint sized pumpkin at the patch which fit right in his hand. He was mighty impressed by it.

Just a few up close shots of Evan in his costume. The last pic of him was after all the trick or treating and he was a sweat ball!!
We had some leftover candy from the night and Evan dipped his hands into the candy bowl. He kept asking, "This one?" And when we gave in a said, "You can have this one, " he studied it to see how he was going to get that sucker open!! It was an awesome month and that about wraps up October!!! =)

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